Home of the Iced Coquito Coffee. Original creators of ice coquito coffee!

About Us

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Our Story
Antojos & Shakes is a family owned business thats veteran owned and operated.  We grew up in  Humboldt Park  and we wanted to bring something diffrent to the area and offer more then just the traditional Puerto Rican crusine, We want to offer an alternative of healthy foods as well as snacks that cannot be found in this area of the city.  We hope you love what we have to offer just as much as we do!

Antojos & Shakes offer a mixture of everyday foods and snacks. We offer healthy choices for those looking for a  filling snack. We also offer snacks to fill that sweet tooth craving. In additon to that, you can find everyday staples such as coffee and sandwiches. ​​

We pride oursleves on serving fresh ingredients and using organic when possible. Each sandwich is handmade to order and our deli
meats and cheeses are sliced fresh for every order.
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